% discount off a $product?

Calculating the Discounts

The sale calculator will allow you to calculate the amount of money you saved and also the price with the discount deducted. If you got a coupon or a gift card, this tool will help you to save time doing calculations and just get on shopping! You will also find some presets that we got ready for you.

Calculating the sale price of an item can be done by applying a discount to the original price. Here's how to calculate the sale price of an item:

Sale Price = y - (x / 100) * y

Determine the original price of the item. This is the price of the item before any discounts are applied.
Determine the discount rate. This is the percentage off the original price that the item is being discounted. For example, if the item is on sale for 20% off, the discount rate would be 20%. Calculate the discount amount. To calculate the discount amount, multiply the original price by the discount rate as a decimal. For example, if the original price is $50 and the discount rate is 20%, the calculation would be:

Discount amount = $50 x 0.20 Discount amount = $10
Therefore, the discount amount is $10.

Calculate the sale price. To calculate the sale price, subtract the discount amount from the original price. For example, if the original price is $50 and the discount amount is $10, the calculation would be: Sale price = $50 - $10 Sale price = $40
Therefore, the sale price is $40.

It's important to note that sales tax may need to be added to the sale price, depending on where the purchase is being made. Additionally, some stores may offer additional discounts or promotions that can further reduce the sale price.